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No sooner had I written my text on interference, following an indecent conference by the American Ambassador, than an investigation by Le Monde confirmed the incessant interference of American power in the politics of European countries.

The enslaved, remained and other slouchers will want to read the investigation published under the title: “The sneaky interference of the American alt-right in Europe. ”

We learn that a small group of billionaires is helping to spread ideas defended by the far right within the EU.

Some of them, like Robert Mercer, funded the rise of Donald Trump.

We learn that Harris Media, the Texas agency based in Austin, was recruited for the digital campaign of the German fascist party A.F.D. and the National Front.

In 2016, this agency produced an Islamophobic video depicting a France transformed into an Islamic dictatorship.

We are aware of the financial support provided by this other billionaire Shillman, to the head of the Dutch far-right Geert Wilders.

This should encourage all Democrats to be more vigilant with regard to the great manitou of Washington.

The big brother hates Europe and will do anything to scuttle it.

March 11, 2019.

Gaston VOGEL

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