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Coronavirus Reservists: Anything in Legality? 

Coronavirus Reservists: Anything in Legality?
Image par Gerd Altmann de Pixabay

For sure! The country currently has other problems, such as taking care of subjects like privacy. Exceptional situations now require extraordinary measures! Nevertheless: the way in which staff from the health sector is dealt with ensures unnecessary unrest.

First of all, it was the indelicacy that the staff had become aware of through the media, MUST register via the portal as a Reserve. The government’s initiative is extremely meaningful because one – at least to that extent – could not know how the epidemic would develop. But it was normal for the people involved to ask questions, and so Health Minister Paulette Lenert tried to calm down on the television: that would be misunderstood.

No 48 hours later, the same minister spoke of a possible forced recruitment, via a grand-ducal arrest. Finally, staff received a letter from the hospital’s staff office informing them that their data had been forwarded, to another database:

RH 1

that also applies to those who are in retirement. A few questions are over our heads: 1. Why does the staff office of a hospital still have the dozens of people who have long since arrived in “passive life”? 2. Which is to understand under the “etc”. Do you think sick people, any ill health of the person, disciplinary procedures, health assessments …? 3. Is such a transfer from one database to another legal without the consent of the party concerned? 4. Is it clear who has access to this database at all?

I understand that in hectic times the focus is different than in normal times. After all, no country in the world was prepared for this pandemic. But, would it not go on, the people would have reported themselves at the address of the government? Health care workers are disturbed and suspected it would be about finding “black sheep” who do not report themselves.

It is important to look for a legal framework. Although we are in a state of crisis, our Parliament is still functioning: Ministers should work with the people’s representatives, including and above all, on the later emergency exit from the devastating economic and social constraints!

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