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Image par Dariusz Staniszewski de Pixabay

The red army released Auschwitz on 01/27/1945.

The Holocaust will forever remain the most horrific crime that man has perpetrated in its history – a man who has emerged from the darkest depths, without a fiber of humanity, infinitely more savage and ferocious than the most beast terrifying.

A monster – and this monster is not dead – he and on the lookout – sometimes he starts again, wresting a child from his kippah, threatening his neighbor with death for the stupid reason that he is different from him in the daily gestures of life, in its imagination, in its way of expressing itself, dirtying the walls and the portraits of swastikas.

All European countries are affected by the resurgence of this tradition of debasement and enslavement.

We have just remembered the millions of Jews who had to leave their lives – we did it with a heavy heart – tight in pain at such an atrocity which exceeds the limits of the understanding, tight with anguish, knowing that it will restart.

The analyzes of this catastrophe that we have heard in recent days have always been only a very partial approach, very insufficient, because leaving in the shade the deep reasons which nourished this barbarism.

I would like to quote here Raul Hilberg who observes in his work “The destruction of the Jews of Europe”:

“When we examine this cataclysm of exceptional magnitude, we can see that, in most cases, the events of these twelve years (1933-1945) were not absolutely new.

The process of Nazi destruction in no way developed by spontaneous generation; it was the summit of a new cyclical evolution, similar to those which we saw taking shape in the action of the craftsmen of the previous anti-Jewish policies.

The missionaries of Christianity ended up saying in substance: “You do not have the right to live among us if you remain Jewish”.

After them, secular leaders had proclaimed, “You have no right to live among us.”

Finally the Nazis decreed: “You have no right to live”.

The process began when the Church attempted to bring the Jews to become Christians; in the following period, an attempt was made to force the victims into exile; evolution ended when the Jews were pushed to their death.

Thus, the Nazis were not at the origin of a movement, they continued it until its end. ”

Let’s end these short considerations by recalling the disgusting episode that took place in October 1984 in the very place where the unspeakable was committed.

The Carmelites installed a convent at Auschwitz on the site where the Nazi executioners had stored the murderous gases and the marketable remains of their victims, such as clothing, shoes, etc.

The good sister, the founder of this cloister, summoned to put an end to the sacrilege, affirmed that “the sisters would not leave this place and that they had little lesson to receive from the Jews, who, she said, are not not interested in Auschwitz, who did not build a monument there and who did not die there.

We had to wait another five long years before finally seeing a definitive solution.

It is important to remember the various avatars, all under the sign of Catholic hypocrisy.




The Polish Church, after having signed an agreement with the Jewish community on the dismantling of the convent, denied its commitments for a long time, under vain and fallacious pretexts.

Pope John Paul II was not really overwhelmed.

As international public opinion began to take an interest in the scandal, the Vicar of Christ gave in legendary Catholic duplicity.

On the one hand, he condemned anti-Semitism, on the other hand, he spoke in his homilies of “the infidelity of the people of Israel and the” expiration of the Covenant passed with them by the Lord “.

And at the very moment when Woityla was lost in such ambiguities, Cardinal Glemp exhumed on the occasion of the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa on August 26, 1989 the anti-Semitic stereotypes of another age, namely “haughty air” of the Jewish people “-” media available to the Jews “-” antipolonism “.

The pope will not protest.

It was not until 01.04.1993 that under pressure from international opinion that he finally ordered the transfer of the disputed Convent.

We thus find the eternal procrastination, swaying, half-measures which characterize ecclesiastical politics in all fields.


Bestial Oblivion

In no speech was the fate of the Roma remembered.

It is not the first time that I have to highlight the “bestial” Oblivion to paraphrase Shakespeare.

Here are the extracts from a public lecture I gave in the 90s and with the quotes that follow, I intend to fill this gap for my part.

In 1937, all Gypsies are considered a danger.

In January 1938, Porthsy sends a memorandum from Styria to the minister responsible, in which he explains that radical measures must be taken “for reasons of public health and, in particular, because the Gypsies have a notoriously charged inheritance, that these are inveterate criminals who constitute parasites among our people and whom they can only produce immense damage, putting in great danger the purity of the blood. ”

In June, Gypsies are sent to concentration camps.

In December Himmler orders that only two groups be preserved: according to Rudlof Hoess “beneficiaries of the law on the protection of historic monuments, they would have been wanted throughout Europe and settled in a specific region where scholars could study them leisure. ”

But in September 1939, a meeting organized by Heydrich decides on the extermination, the convoys are directed towards Poland.

Outside the camps, in the countryside, in the forests, the Gypsies are massacred.

In 1944, the 1600 surviving Auschwitz Gypsies were executed on the night of July 31 to August 01.

400,000 Gypsies were hanged, shot or gassed in Nazi camps.

We barely remember it.

According to the documentation I have visited, no monument has been erected in their memory.

In any case, they will long remember Zigeuner’s Z engraved in their flesh.

In 1965, for the first international pilgrimage near Rome, they offered the pope a monstrance made of barbed wire.

January 28, 2020.

Gaston VOGEL

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