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maître Vogel writes to Green Deputy Charles Margue 

maître Vogel writes to Green Deputy Charles Margue
image credits: rtl


Ilistened to your comment on RTL the serious problem of court files.

You have done it in such a light way that it must be assumed that the question only touches the center of your interests by tangent.

It is not reassuring, because you are chairing a committee within Parliament which is responsible for dealing with it.

It follows from your remarks that things are going well and you add the breathtaking clarity that reforms are necessary in the interests of justice and the police.

You did not even mention the citizen, when it is he who is in the first place concerned by the absurdities constituted in secret by clerks of all titles and functions combined and carefully concealed both in the political world and in society at large .

May I remind you that it was only on the energetic intervention of the undersigned in May 2019 that the pot of roses was discovered and has since been at the center of an often heated and not yet appeased political discussion.

Hence a very first question:

You now chair the commission responsible for dealing with it.

You have recognized that you lack the skill and training to do this.

With what critical eye do you want to read what will be offered to you by the very people who are behind the creation of these impossible secret files?

It is not reassuring for “our otros”.

Resign if your heart and mind are not there.

Stay logical with yourself and your admission of incompetence.

If I hadn’t protested in May 2019, the mess would have continued.

Nobody would have taken care of it, because to everyone’s surprise, nobody knew that.

It is very disturbing to see the genesis of such a phenomenon which takes on the appearance of a secret police in a state that calls itself democratic.

It is, let us say bluntly, the dictatorship of the clerks and this dictatorship is exercised without any control and those who exercise it are partly irremovable and not responsible.

How do you explain the nonchalance of political bodies – nonchalance – if not carelessness, if incompetence, if not pure stupidity?

You will make the wise choice of these four options.

Would you agree that the Police constitute reports on you written in secret, kept secret, therefore without any information and therefore without access.

Serious, because these writings could however contain baseless assumptions even pure “beschass” and would nevertheless remain without contradiction.

This was the tragic case of the young man who had applied for a post at the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Suddenly in the middle of an interview, he was taken out of things that he no longer remembered. – None of these reports had received any legal action.

It’s beautiful – isn’t it?

Where are we ? We who are going to preach human rights around the world.

It’s just revolting!

What would you do if you learned that a criminal judgment, overturned and acquitting yourself, would remain archived against all common sense and especially in violation of an elementary principle which has been valid since ancient times, namely:

“Roma locuta, causa finita”.

This absurdity which has not seen any attention to this day continues to weigh idiotically on a multitude of people whom Justice had however completely whitewashed.

It is no different for non-places and rankings.

What the hell is in a file? It’s erdoganism!

It is difficult, almost despairing to note that these elementarissimes things must, before disappearing, pass by the palavers and parliamentary discussions.

How to explain that the Ministers in charge of this problem put an unacceptable delay in recognizing the anomaly of the secret files?

They first contested, trivialized the facts, argued that the files would of course have a legal basis and that there was no concern, … then, as and when the blows of MOSAR and ROTH put them under pressure, opted for successive truths – always a small step back – to finally have to recognize that instead of the two files announced at the outset, Justice knows at least 75 – and that there was no basic legality.

The citizen counts on your commitment and your intellectual honesty so that these abuses are dealt with bluntly and with the last rigor.

Democracy comes at this price.

These mistakes do not seem to have stirred the soul of BAUSCH too much, who, having had to admit that the criticisms leveled against the system were perfectly well founded, got away with a joke of bad breath:


“Dofir as mir awer nach keng Krôn aus dem Mond gefall”.

He stayed relaxed.

Hopefully he will not eat too much in the palms that clerks tend to him who know that he has only a fragile perception of things.

He had admitted it at the time.

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