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BAUSCH: CSV is the luxembourgish AfD! 

BAUSCH: CSV is the luxembourgish AfD!
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the political incident of this morning was a little bit terrifying! The green minister François Bausch became completely at odds with a CSV representative. But let’s go on step by step. This morning, at 9 am, the (im) Mobility Commission met to provide further details from the Minister about the proposed car tax reform. During that meeting, it became clear that the elaborate text of the draft law was anything but rough, to be sent to the Institution Way. There, for example, is that the law comes into force on March 1! That should go very quickly, however, next week will be foals and the plenary will not come together. François Bausch added that the new car tax is likely to come into force on May 1. The Garagists thank the Minister: They had called during the car festival on the date of March 1!

The text further states that the bargain will also be considered by the new tax. During the meeting, however, the minister said that this was not the case. So go through a lot of contradictions between the scribe and the oral! Finally, the opposition officials wanted to present case examples, that is, they would like to have details of what this tax means financially. Those should follow, the minister said, in other words, the deputies went out on that plan blankly. Somehow a great howl!

and with these words – or something similar – CSV man Gilles Roth summarized the progress of the session in front of the press. However, François Bausch, who in anger turned the colour on Red and verbally attacked Mr Roth and said, “This isn’t correct! CSV has developed into Luxembourgish AfD” . So tight right, and if one followed the recent discussions at the  other side of the Moselle, in the sub-tone is probably also fascist to understand. What should that be?

The incident was so bad that even the minister realized he was going too far; he apologized to Mr Roth in the meanwhile. Should everything be wrong, what the CSV man said before the press, the Minister would be able to bow in all peace and quiet; he might as well be talking about populism, but the comparison with the AfD was a a slap under the belt.

Good thing the politicians are about to have a week break!

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